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Apple iPad 2 vs Apple iPod touch 4th generation

Apple iPad 2

Reasons to consider the iPad 2

3.5G, Apple iOS 5.0
Screen size Much larger screen 9.7"" vs 3.5"" Around 8x larger screen
Network Faster max data speeds HSDPA (14.4 mbps) vs None Almost the same
Screen resolution Slightly higher resolution screen 768x1,024 vs 960x640 Around 30% higher resolution screen

Reasons to consider the iPod touch 4th generation

Apple iOS 4.0
Weight Much lighter 101 g vs 607 g 6x lighter
Size Much smaller 58×112×7 mm vs 186×241×9 mm 8.7x smaller
Internal storage Much more internal storage 64 GB vs 16 GB 4x more internal storage, which means more music, photos and movies
Screen PPI Much higher PPI screen 329 PPI vs 131 PPI More than 2.5x crisper display of text, images and video
Thickness Thinner 7 mm vs 9 mm More than 20% thinner


Common Pros and Cons

Compared to recent cellphones

Pros Cons
App store Many apps available at their app store(s)
iPhone App Store
Thickness Thin
iPad 29 mm
iPod touch 4th generation7 mm
Multi-touch Both support multi-touch
Intuitive gestures such as pinch to zoom
Touchscreen type Touch sensitive screens
Easy to use with your fingers
Wifi Both have fairly fast wifi support
802.11n (150 mbps)
compatibility-score Works with many headphones
Screen type Both have LCD screens, not as bright and vivid as most
LCD screens is generally not as bright or as vivid as OLED


Placeholder Apple iPad 2


Which phone do you like, and why?

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