Apple iPhone 4 HTC HD2

Apple iPhone 4 vs HTC HD2

Apple iPhone 4

Reasons to consider the iPhone 4

3.5G, Apple iOS 4.3.1
App store Many more apps available iPhone App Store vs Windows Mobile Marketplace The iPhone App Store has over 500,000 apps vs 1,200 (more than 416.5x more)
Multi-touch Suports multi-touch Yes vs No Use intuitive gestures such as pinch to zoom
Wifi Significantly faster wifi 802.11n (150 mbps) vs 802.11g (54 mbps) Higher bandwidth streaming at hotspots (around 3x faster)
Internal storage Significantly more internal storage 32 GB vs 512 MB 64x more internal storage, which means more music, photos and movies
Screen PPI Significantly higher PPI screen 329 PPI vs 216 PPI More than 50% crisper display of text, images and video
Size Smaller 59×114×9 mm vs 67×121×11 mm More than 30% smaller
Talk time More talk time 14 hours vs 6.3 hours More than 2x more talk time per battery charge
Screen resolution Higher resolution screen 960x640 vs 800x480 60% higher resolution screen
Thickness Thinner 9 mm vs 11 mm Around 20% thinner
Weight Lighter 137 g vs 157 g More than 10% lighter
Movie format Higher resolution movies 720p @ 30fps vs 480p Shoots high resolution HD (720p) video

Reasons to consider the HD2

3.5G, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
Multitasking Runs multiple apps at once Yes vs No Switch between running apps, surf the web while talking on skype for example
FM Radio Built-in FM radio Yes vs No Listen to your music and news from your favorite radio stations wherever you are
Screen type Bright, vivid screen TFT LCD vs LCD Brighter and more vivid colour reproduction
Standby time More standby time 20.4 days vs 12.5 days More than 60% more standby time, less frequent charging
Screen size Larger screen 4.3"" vs 3.5"" Around 50% larger screen
Processor Faster processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, 1000 MHz vs Apple A4 A4, 800 MHz More powerful processor, snappier and more responsive (around 30% faster)


Common Pros and Cons

Compared to recent cellphones

Pros Cons
GPS Have assisted GPS
Assisted GPS
Thickness Thin
iPhone 49 mm
HD211 mm
Touchscreen type Touch sensitive screens
Easy to use with your fingers
compatibility-score Works with many headphones
Numeric keypad Neither has a numeric keypad
Its often harder to dial numbers with a touch screen or keyboard

Compared to recent smartphones

Pros Cons

We're not aware of any interesting pros shared by these two products.

Keyboard Neither has a physical keyboard
No keyboard
Movie format Poor movies
iPhone 4720p @ 30fps
Camera resolution Capture low resolution images
5 MP


HTC HD2 Apple iPhone 4 Apple iPhone 4 HTC HD2 Apple iPhone 4


Which phone do you like, and why?

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Chidchan67 (8:53 PM, December 05, 2011)
Moreover, It is very very very expensive here..
I bought since just launched...
However, I love it anyway..
Chidchan67 (8:51 PM, December 05, 2011)
Unlucky that there is poor agent in here, Thailand..
The staff is not good enough compare to the quality of the product..
Hopefully, Head should develop good center in here..
I'm waiting for.....
Safri3 (8:55 AM, October 11, 2011)
I've been using HD2 (Leo) for sometimes and I can say that its the best smartphone ever. I've been using WP7 on it, Android and WinMo 6.5, I know it support Meego (Nokia) and Ubuntu. But don't want to try it because MIUI android that I'm currently using are SUPERB. Only drawback are heats if used excessively. But for an old model, its a legend.
Astrikr65 (11:31 AM, August 26, 2011)
I like hd2. Because it is very much customizable.
Ubuntu and andriod runs great on it. You can even upgrade it to wp7.
I like its camera quality..
Adi malik (10:11 PM, June 23, 2011)
i just luv the phone HD2 overall this is best ..Apple is always expensive ...bt htc rockes ... have lot of apps which is not given by iphone 4 ,,,as well as screen resolution ...muaaanh ...::) 
Punkrawks88 (2:44 AM, May 17, 2011)
It appears that an apple fanboy wrote this article and failed to include some of the more important comparisons.  The iPhone has a 5 MP camera, the HD2 has 8 MP. The iPhone requires wi-fi for video chats, the HD2 doesn't. Sure the iPhone supports 802.11n, but 90% of all hotspots are 802.11b/g so that's a wasted feature. The HD2 supports Flash and Java... iPhone doesn't. The HD2 has USB connectivity, scalable memory, and removable battery.. iPhone doesn't. The HD2 has built in FM radio.. iPhone wishes it was an HD2 at this point. And here's the kicker, the HD2 has been out since October 2009, the iPhone 4 released nearly 7 months later and it costs nearly twice as much.
Avatar for julius julius (6:50 AM, February 11, 2011)
Definitely HD2 potential possibilities are endless. Beautiful and cool customization on homescreen by built in htcsense and customized by cht cookie or spbshell or iphonelook alike or htcsense android. Fast and stable custom built ROM's are everywhere to choose. It can run 2 os dual boot with winmo6.5 and android or phone7 and android or stick to either one. Free apps are everywhere in the internet. Apps combined with desktop win7 and winmobile are extremely great to manage your life both personal and business. HD2 can serve as viewer while on the go for apps organized in desktop.

What else can you ask for?
djbrown (5:44 PM, January 05, 2011)
When you install android on to the HD2 you better yourself then the iphone with opening your back up to 720p(hd), and way more opensource or free apps, better google syncing lot faster device it really dose matter that software you have on this device if iphone had a nand android build it would not be any better as the HD2 as better screen revanue and better ram to run its apps
blox (3:18 AM, December 28, 2010)
And HD2 can be used for your business and work as well. It has flawless integration with win7 application softwares directly in your computer and device without going online.
Katy_20002007 (9:34 AM, October 15, 2010)
i like hd2 becuz it have a huge screen & not expensive