Nokia C2-01 Nokia 2730 classic

Nokia C2-01 vs Nokia 2730 classic

Nokia C2-01

Reasons to consider the C2-01

Camera resolution Slightly higher resolution camera 3.2 MP vs 2 MP Take photos with 60% more detail for larger prints
Standby time Slightly more standby time 17.9 days vs 16.5 days Around 10% more standby time, less frequent charging
Bluetooth Slightly newer bluetooth support 2.1 vs 2.0 Typically faster data transfer and lower power consumption connecting to other bluetooth devices
Nokia 2730 classic

Reasons to consider the 2730 classic

Thickness Slightly thinner 14 mm vs 15 mm Around 10% thinner


Common Pros and Cons

Compared to recent cellphones

Pros Cons
Numeric keypad Both have numeric keypads
Physical numeric keypad
FM Radio Both have built-in FM radios to listen to news and music from FM stations
Listen to music from your favorite stations
compatibility-score Works with many headphones
Movie format Poor movies
C2-01320 x 240 @ 15fps
2730 classic176 x 144 @ 10fps
Screen size Very small screens


Nokia C2-01 Nokia 2730 classic


Which phone do you like, and why?

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