Nokia Lumia 900 Nokia 1208

Nokia Lumia 900 vs Nokia 1208

Nokia Lumia 900

Reasons to consider the Lumia 900

4G, windows-phone-7.5-mango
Network Much faster max data speeds LTE (50 mbps) vs GSM (0.014 mbps) Higher theoretical max data transfer speeds over cell networks (more than 3472x faster)
Screen type OLED screen AMOLED vs STN LCD The Lumia 900 has a OLED screen, which are generally brighter and more vivid
Internal storage Significantly more internal storage 16 GB vs 4 MB 4096x more internal storage, which means more music, photos and movies
compatibility-score Better headphone support 1.0 vs 0.8 Better headphone support
Thickness Thinner 12 mm vs 18 mm More than 30% thinner
Screen resolution Higher resolution screen 800x480 vs 68x98 More than 57.5x higher resolution screen
Nokia 1208

Reasons to consider the 1208

Numeric keypad Has a numeric keypad Physical numeric keypad vs None Numeric keypads make dialing phone numbers fast and easy
Weight Significantly lighter 77 g vs 160 g 2.1x lighter
Size Smaller 44x102x17 mm vs 127x68x11 mm More than 20% smaller
Standby time Slightly more standby time 15.2 days vs 12.5 days More than 20% more standby time, less frequent charging


Common Pros and Cons

Compared to recent cellphones

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Nokia Lumia 900 Nokia 1208


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