Nokia X2-01 Nokia C3

Nokia X2-01 vs Nokia C3

Nokia X2-01

Reasons to consider the X2-01

We're not aware of any important advantages of the Nokia X2-01 vs the Nokia C3.
Nokia C3

Reasons to consider the C3

Camera resolution Higher resolution camera 2 MP vs 0.3 MP Take photos with more than 6.5x more detail for larger prints
Size Slightly smaller 58×116×14 mm vs 60×119×14 mm More than 10% smaller
Thickness Slightly thinner 14 mm vs 14 mm Almost the same
Talk time Slightly more talk time 7 hours vs 4.5 hours Around 60% more talk time per battery charge


Common Pros and Cons

Compared to recent cellphones

Pros Cons
Keyboard Have full keyboards
QWERTY keyboard
FM Radio Both have built-in FM radios to listen to news and music from FM stations
Listen to music from your favorite stations
compatibility-score Works with many headphones
Numeric keypad Neither has a numeric keypad
Its often harder to dial numbers with a touch screen or keyboard
Movie format Poor movies
X2-01176 x 144 @ 15fps
C3320 x 240 @ 20fps
Screen size Very small screens


Nokia C3 Nokia X2-01


Which phone do you like, and why?

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thay (1:42 PM, March 22, 2012)
x2-01 cause i have it