Samsung Galaxy Ace Nokia C7

Samsung Galaxy Ace vs Nokia C7

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Reasons to consider the Galaxy Ace

3.5G, Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
App store Many more apps available Android App Market vs Nokia Ovi Store The Android App Market has over 400,000 apps vs 43,535 (more than 9x more)
Standby time Slightly more standby time 26.7 days vs 23.1 days Around 20% more standby time, less frequent charging
Weight Slightly lighter 113 g vs 130 g More than 10% lighter
Processor Slightly faster processor Unknown, 800 MHz vs Arm Arm11, 680 MHz More powerful processor, snappier and more responsive (around 20% faster)
Nokia C7

Reasons to consider the C7

3.5G, symbian-platform-3
FM Transmitter Includes an FM transmitter Yes vs No Listen to music through your car stereo without cables
Bluetooth Newer bluetooth support 3.0 vs 2.1 Typically faster data transfer and lower power consumption connecting to other bluetooth devices
Camera resolution Higher resolution camera 8 MP vs 5 MP Take photos with 60% more detail for larger prints
Screen PPI Higher PPI screen 208 PPI vs 164 PPI Around 30% crisper display of text, images and video
Internal storage More internal storage 8.342 GB vs 158 MB More than 54x more internal storage, which means more music, photos and movies
Movie format Higher resolution movies 720p @ 25fps vs 320 x 240 @ 20fps Shoots high resolution HD (720p) video at a higher frame rate
Thickness Slightly thinner 10 mm vs 12 mm Around 10% thinner
Size Slightly smaller 57×117×11 mm vs 60×112×12 mm Around 10% smaller
Screen resolution Slightly higher resolution screen 640x360 vs 480x320 50% higher resolution screen


Common Pros and Cons

Compared to recent cellphones

Pros Cons
GPS Have assisted GPS
Assisted GPS
Multi-touch Both support multi-touch
Intuitive gestures such as pinch to zoom
Standby time Long standby time
Galaxy Ace26.7 days
C723.1 days
Touchscreen type Touch sensitive screens
Easy to use with your fingers
Wifi Both have fairly fast wifi support
802.11n (150 mbps)
Thickness Thin
Galaxy Ace12 mm
C710 mm
FM Radio Both have built-in FM radios to listen to news and music from FM stations
Listen to music from your favorite stations
compatibility-score Works with many headphones
Numeric keypad Neither has a numeric keypad
Its often harder to dial numbers with a touch screen or keyboard
Processor Less powerful processors than average, less snapiness and responsiveness
Galaxy AceUnknown, 800 MHz
C7Arm Arm11, 680 MHz


Samsung Galaxy Ace Nokia C7 Samsung Galaxy Ace Samsung Galaxy Ace Nokia C7


Which phone do you like, and why?

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Vinayak (5:24 AM, June 23, 2012)
1 of my family members has c7 and i was thinking for galaxy ace to buy...which is better plzzzzzzzz tell me....
Augustinekasozi (11:40 AM, May 28, 2012)
just thinking of buying one
Sdadadade (8:24 PM, January 01, 2012)
Gustav Keyser (8:24 PM, January 01, 2012)
Julle almal is poese die nokia c7 HOLNAI die IPHONE 4S, en ook julle stuk kak ace!
Javed Manglia (11:52 AM, December 06, 2011)
samsung ace is much much much.........better than nokia c7.....:)
Gakka (4:40 AM, November 30, 2011)
ak (0:15 PM, October 05, 2011)
i own a c7 from almost 10 months. Its quite good. i feel its the best. price was 18k when i purchased. now i don't know.
if you have a budget for 20k go for a c7. its worth the money. recently, i updated it to anna updates. it is more interactive and good looking now.
if you have budget of 15k, go for a htc wildfire
if you have budget of 10 to 11k, go for LG optimus.
Itsmeatul29 (6:13 AM, September 24, 2011)
galaxy ace is much much better dan  d nokia c7...........ace rockzzzzzz
bong (1:15 AM, September 07, 2011)
C7 with very nice display, scratch resistant gorilla glass, solidly built of good material casing. And most of all very good video recording which trumps out the galaxy ace, Just compare both phones with your friends so you can have a fair comparison between the two. additional info; C7 can also plays flv files, just store it in the phone and open it with the file manager and it instantly plays the flv file without converting it, C7 can also plays wmv files without the need of conversion which impossible to play in any Androids and Iphone.
sagar (2:59 PM, August 30, 2011)
c7 wit anna itz amazin
sagar (2:59 PM, August 30, 2011)
c& wit anna softwr its amazing 
Alltimejoyjoy (10:11 AM, August 21, 2011)
C7 have good screen resolution and good camera 8MP
samsung is not reliable and will damage soon
Avatar for totesilva totesilva (4:06 PM, August 12, 2011)
Is fixed focus, but with LED flash.
Purohit Aalok (10:47 AM, July 23, 2011)
i like c7 it look sexy n better then 'ace'

Arvind (7:48 AM, July 19, 2011)
They say the 8MP camera is fixed focus without flash. Is it true?
Avatar for Arindam Bansal Arindam Bansal (4:16 PM, July 10, 2011)
i took a live demo of ace!@ its nt good!! screen is dull ,doesnt play hd videos.. left it..
Shae Walsh (10:50 PM, July 09, 2011)
The ace is MUCH better
Avatar for Arindam Bansal Arindam Bansal (3:30 PM, July 09, 2011)
getting a new c7 tomorrow
arun (4:35 PM, July 04, 2011)
u can buy samsung galaxy ace.it's of 14,400 only
Avatar for Arindam Bansal Arindam Bansal (4:09 PM, July 03, 2011)
guyz i need to purchase a smart phone in 15000 price range. plz tell me soon!!
Saveekrocks (7:39 PM, May 29, 2011)
c7 has got a cute look and a vivid screen h.d is far better in it
Avatar for jaiconruedas jaiconruedas (7:05 AM, May 28, 2011)
YEP.. i love this galaxy ace...i own it
cj (6:20 AM, April 29, 2011)
how did you get mint app to your phone?
Nic_stinks (7:40 PM, April 16, 2011)
had the nokia week then just got samsung ace yest, samsung million times the best of the 2. Got mint applications,amuse me for the next month ha ha
Anjann (7:06 PM, March 31, 2011)
samsung ace best around at a given price.