Placeholder Samsung SGH-T401G

Samsung SGH-T404G vs Samsung SGH-T401G


Reasons to consider the SGH-T404G

Thickness Thinner 15 mm vs 18 mm Around 20% thinner
Size Slightly smaller 51x114x15 mm vs 51x112x18 mm Around 20% smaller
Camera resolution Slightly higher resolution camera 2 MP vs 1.3 MP Take photos with more than 50% more detail for larger prints
Screen resolution Slightly higher resolution screen 320x240 vs 220x176 Around 2x higher resolution screen
Samsung SGH-T401G

Reasons to consider the SGH-T401G

Screen type Bright, vivid screen TFT LCD vs LCD Brighter and more vivid colour reproduction
Bluetooth Significantly newer bluetooth support 2.0 vs 1.0 Typically faster data transfer and lower power consumption connecting to other bluetooth devices


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Common Pros and Cons

Compared to recent cellphones

Pros Cons
Keyboard Have full keyboards
QWERTY keyboard
Numeric keypad Both have numeric keypads
Physical numeric keypad

We're not aware of any interesting cons shared by these two products.


Placeholder Samsung SGH-T401G Samsung SGH-T401G


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