About Compare Cell Phones

We're just a bunch of geeks who thought that choosing a cell phone is pretty difficult, too many options too little time. We decided to help make it easier for people. We figured most people have a few ideas on which phones they're interested in but have a difficult time figuring out the differences, pros and cons of each phone relative to another.

Compare Cell Phones is a free blog and time/money saving tool that was designed to make comparing cell phones easy. There is so much choice in terms of features on each mobile that its difficult to understand the big picture. Our goal is to make the process easy.

From multimedia features to plan pricing we'll help you understand which phone will be right for you. We want you to get the right phone and plan without paying more than you have to. Try comparing your current phone to newer phones so you can understand if upgrading is really worth it. Explore the hottest phones before the come out to get a quick understanding of what's new.

We're always working on improving our service and tool so it will improve with time, we would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve.

The Compare Cell Phones Team